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A brief study in how we work towards superior service

We catered for a wedding where the service was held at St Luke’s Church Undercroft, Redcliffe Square London SW10.

The father of the groom was kind enough to write us a testimonial, part of which is shown here.

London Wedding review

"The reception was a brilliant success. As the weather was good the hour or so spent in the lobby and grounds of the church before the meal with sparkling wine and canapés was a masterstroke and set everyone in the right spirit. The food was exquisite and seemingly never-ending, the wine perfect and highly commended... Above all, Kim was a star, and ran the whole show like a maestro..."
The father of the groom
Wedding Catering

What this showed was the effort we took to make this Wedding a success was not overlooked. But what it doesn’t say is what actually did happen. And here briefly is the background to the testimonial.

The couple, Tim and Deborah, married at the Church and had invited local parishioners to come and see the event. 150 extra people turned up in addition to the 129 guests who had been invited to the Wedding breakfast.

The reception was held in the Hall adjacent to the Church so we were on site early to make the preparations. The Hall was very basic so we supplied everything needed to make it a venue. This included table and chairs and decorations. There was no proper cooking equipment there so we also supplied that. The scene was set for the Bride and Groom and their guests.

The period between the end of the Ceremony and the start of the Banquet was taken up with photographs and guests milling around the grounds. To keep everyone happy our Head Chef, Kim, prepared some extra canapés which he then offered to the guests. But he also made enough to offer to the parishioners.

This wasn’t in the plan but seemed the hospitable thing to do. And it was all greatly appreciated.

The Wedding Breakfast was a formal banquet and here the guests were given an extra treat. As the Bride’s family were of Chinese origin Kim prepared a special second course of oriental food. This was a traditional series of dishes with a wide mix of meats and vegetables. This then gave the impression that the food was never ending.

We also supplied the wine so that there was no concern about quantity as we able to accommodate the thirst of the guests. In fact there was some left over which under our rules was refunded.

In short we did what we normally do. We ensured that the Bride and Groom had the best day of their lives without worrying that something would go wrong. And we did that bit extra to make sure it was memorable.

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