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Grace Kelly’s wedding should have been in Herts!

As weddings go the wedding between Grace Kelly and Prince Ranier of Monaco was one of the greats. Why? Because it was possibly the original A1 celebrity wedding. You combine Royalty and a Hollywood star, stir in a strong dose of romance, and the austere 1950’s gets a real splash of colour.

Add to that the guest list which included everyone you’d ever heard of at that time. Sinatra and his crew were all there as were the greats like Cary Grant and Bing Crosby. The outcome was mass press hysteria and a taste for more of the same.

And the setting was also pretty good. Monaco has that image of glamour and wealth as it stands by the Mediterranean Sea. It’s continued attraction being for its Formula 1 race – raced through its narrow streets.

But when it comes down to it don’t you think Grace might have preferred to have her Wedding Day in Hertfordshire. Look at the choices she would have – with all of our magnificent churches set in picturesque villages and with so many venues to choose from.

After all Monaco is pretty small and apart from the sea there isn’t much there. The bulk of the town is concrete tower blocks and the only way to build is up.

In Hertfordshire you have so many vistas to choose from. Venues by rivers that cut quietly through green pastures as willow trees lean gently towards each other on their banks. Old towns, boasting significant historic backgrounds and full of character.

So at Arens & Heriot Catering we do recommend Hertfordshire as the place to have your Wedding Day.

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