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The Conventional Wedding Lives On in Herts

Once upon a time many people had a simple church service and some food at the home of the bride. The important thing has always been that everyone enjoyed themselves. And usually the Bride and Groom were too happy to notice.

But either because homes got smaller or the guest list grew or if it’s just social convention weddings are very much a Big Event.

So how much should you spend on one? We can’t say for certain but most weddings the cost of a venue and catering would be around £5000 for 100 people. This varies as menus, service, the venue itself, equipment hire, and drinks all add up. The other aspects are Bride’s Dress, honeymoon transport and everything else.

But for us just let’s focus on the Wedding Day itself and the catering. The reality is that many Herts brides are looking at their wedding day and making their own plans. This is understandable as people attempt to reduce the cost of their wedding. This can be done successfully but a budget wedding is just that. You pay less but you also get less. And remember you’re only doing this once. We often do this 2-4 times on the same day.

So we would suggest you consider this. Most caterers are effectively event planners and we are absolutely in that area. It’s our business to cater for weddings and provide many of the extras. And as such we provide all the benefits which come with a professional wedding caterer. We are volume buyers so we can provide great food at a reasonable price. We know how to set up a venue – it’s quick and it looks professional and to your specifications. If you don’t have chairs and tables, we can provide them.

And if there is no cooking equipment at your venue we also provide that.

If you take a wander through the general information located on the web the overall advice is that a one source caterer can be your best option. The pricing will be better than the comparative cost you can obtain from multiple sources.

You just have to check whether each item is inclusive or incurs an extra charge. And for us at Heriot we include so much in the price that the basic cost covers most of the essentials. Looking at our food menus will show our pricing and value adds.

So please think before you take the plunge into the do it yourself wedding. Herts Weddings are to be enjoyed not a cause for unnecessary stress.

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