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Caterers For Many Herts Events Since The 1960’s

When we look back on all the Herts events we catered for over the last 50 years we wonder ourselves at the sheer diversity of them. We’ve done everything you could imagine.

And the one thing we feel draws Hertfordshire people to us is our willingness to listen to what they want and then provide it.

Every event we do becomes an Arens & Heriot Catering project. And that project looks at how we can make the event a special memory for our client and their guests.

The truth is that any special occasion is an Event for the individual or group having it. And to be clear – special birthdays and anniversaries are occasional while weddings can often be a once in a lifetime event.

Our special closeness to Hertfordshire is one of geography and the fact so much of our business has been there since the 1960’s. And we oly get it because we have done what we said.

Our testimonials say so much about us but we can’t give you the experience unless you come to us. So our approach is to make this an easy process. Talk to us and find out how we can help.

We’re very open on everything we do and we will give you the price you pay and the information on how everything will be done.

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