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Since the change to legislation in 2005 on same sex marriage civil partnerships are now a regular part of the Hertfordshire wedding scene. The normal restriction on civil partnership ceremonies in Herts and elsewhere in the UK is that churches are off limits. So they can only be held as a civil service conducted by a Registrar.

Certainly there are some prestigious places where ceremonies for civil partnerships have been held. Labour MP Chris Bryant’s ceremony was held within the Palace of Westminster (aka Parliament) but not the Chapel. However Sir Elton and David Furnish had to make do with Windsor Town Hall.

Most would say that the Wedding is not complete without the Church ceremony.

We would suggest an alternative which is you can have a lavish ceremony held in your venue or a highly decorated Marquee. One of our great strengths at Arens & Heriot is how we prepare a venue to create the right mood and atmosphere.

Like any couple the Wedding Day is going to be a wish for a lifetime commitment. This is no light undertaking and everyone wants the Wedding Ceremony and Wedding Celebration to be an occasion.

So a Arens & Heriot Herts Wedding Event is guaranteed to start your life marriage with a touch of class.

You specify your wishes and we put them into action. We will create the Colours for weddings vary but whether bold, pastel or with table decorations to match.

And as if there may not ever be a second chance many of these events are rather lavish. The catering budget alone can be staggering but one can’t but feel envious of the costume designers. Because these weddings are out to impress. From bold colours in the clothing to a bold approach to the food. There is no doubt that many of the new couples have been high earners. And the objective is not so much to show off as to give all their guests a really great time. And a great time they do have.

As caterers we have always had a willingness to provide such a wedding function. Tables laden with every kind of meat and vegetable with ample servings of side salads and breads. And, never to be dull for a moment, the wine provided flows more so than the marriage feast at Cana.

We don’t claim to be performing any miracles here, we just happen to have a catering facility that lets you order as much as you feel you can eat and drink. In some cases that is a massive amount. Weddings with 200-300 guests do get through a lot. And we have to confess that the wine is very often supplemented with champagne, cocktails and smooth brandy used to round over the meal and help the digestion.

At such a wedding we do the full sit down banquet. Full service and a comprehensive catering service. And it doesn’t end there. Once the meal is eaten, the speeches given, the cake sliced and distributed, then comes the vigorous activity of dancing off the meal. The inevitable consequence is that come late evening, say about 10 pm, everyone has built up a bit of an appetite. Enter our buffet service. Serving tables replenished with cold meats vegetables and a host of other side dishes, and our staff on hand to help.

You can just imagine it all – assuming you weren’t there. So Arens & Heriot Catering welcomes everyone and sends best wishes to all couples who are tying the knot.

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