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History, Literature and Great Food - But Who Were The Caterers?

Hertfordshire is a county with a heritage. Historically it is famed as the place where the second Christian to be “martyred” came to his end. That was St Alban.

Continuing with the theme of Christianity the only Pope to come from the British Isles, Pope Adrian IV was born in Herts.

And even more significantly for the subsequent history of England, the Saxons finally surrendered to William the Conqueror in Berkhamsted. The original Saxon name of Berkhamsted was Hertford. Translated it means deer crossing (water) and from which came the name of the county.

These historical incidents may be passing out of our minds but the literary aspect of Hertfordshire survives through books and the filming of same. “Howards End” by EM Forster was set in Herts. But it is the ever popular read and oft filmed novel by Jane Austen that keeps the place firmly in many people’s minds. “Pride and Prejudice” is set in Herts. To be more precise in Ware, where the Bennett family reside.

Now as Herts caterers we at Heriot find the 19th century novel to be amongst our favourites. For the simple fact is we are in awe of the volume of catering which took place. Hardly a chapter goes by without reference to some form of eating.

And how they ate. Banquets were almost a requisite for fine dining. Multiple courses washed down with a variety of wines. While a buffet was seen as a bit of a snack but also comprised of huge quantities of food.

Now although as caterers our family history extends some 170 years we have to admit that we were not catering in Herts at the time of Jane Austen. In fact Miss Austen or any other writer makes no mention of the caterers or even the catering organisations. Supposedly most had their own cooks who remain the unsung heroes of banquets and feasts throughout the centuries.

At Heriot Catering we still like to keep a low profile and stay in the background of your great banquet. The food and wine will do our talking and hopefully will be mentioned as in future histories and novels as great Herts caterers.

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