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How One Client Could Really Taste Heriot Quality

We do receive regular work because of how we approach our catering. And in Berkshire we are always happy to come and serve the food that our customers are very keen to have.

For example we catered for a Golden Wedding anniversary in Berks and the client initially contacted us because she saw one of our ads. At that time we were one of several Berks Caterers that the client was looking at.

The reason we were given the catering assignment was simply because we were able to provide a service that none of the competition was capable of. And that was: we prepared a Hot Salmon Banquet, cooked on site in large roasting trays on a gas barbecue and served in a marquee in the client’s garden.

Therefore the guests and client had the pleasure of seeing the preparation, the smells as the salmon slowly cooked and all built up an anticipation of the meal ahead. And the client did write to tell us how much she and her guests loved our food.

And for anyone who knows about the preparation and cooking of salmon, especially in the open, it is a dish which requires great skill and experience.

Not only did the client appreciate the work we did for the anniversary party, but we were invited to cater for their daughter’s wedding. That was held on a farm in Warfield, Berks and we prepared and served the food and wine for 165 guests.

If you’d like to talk to us about how we can cater for your event, both outdoors and indoors, then please contact for an informal chat.

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