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Helpful Answers To Your Questions

We share with you the type of questions often asked about our services. We appreciate you may have the same concerns when booking a caterer. If you need additional information then please contact us.

  • Do you charge a corkage fee?

    No. If you choose to bring your own drinks, our staff can serve them for you to the end of the meal.
    We have a special deal on wines and Champagnes which offers excellent value for money. Please take a look at our Wine and Champagne list.
  • How long have you been in business?

    As a company, since 1968. As a Family of Caterers, over 170 years.
  • Have you got at least 3 references and telephone numbers of previous clients, so I can contact them?

    We have literally thousands of 'thank you' letters from previous clients, and to go one better, we will give you the telephone number of our last three customers.
  • What do you specialise in?

    We cater for corporate & private clients for all types of occasions in London and the Home Counties.
  • What are your qualifications? Do you have Health and Hygiene certificates? Do you have Awards?

    All our staff are college trained. We have up to date Health & Hygiene certification. We have Hygiene Awards. We have the top 'Scores on the Doors' star rating in the area.
  • What number of guests have you catered for before?

    We have catered for several hundred guests on many occasions.
  • Have you pictures or examples of your work?

    Better than that, - we will take you to a function and show you!
  • Do you work at different venues?

    We have worked at many venues throughout London and the South East. Often we will know the place. If not then as long as our requirements are met, then we're fine.
  • How many weddings can you cater for on a single weekend?

    We have four vans and four Chefs, and a massive production kitchen. This enables us to cater for more than one function a day. And still have staff in hand, should one fall ill or be on leave.
  • Do you have set menus?

    We have a large selection of Set menus with set prices for you to choose from.
  • Are the menus flexible?

    You 'Mix & Match' from our menus to suit your individual requirements.
  • What vegetarian or special dietary options do you provide?

    We have a dedicated Vegetarian section in the 'Menu' pages. We also cater for any special dietary requirements.
  • Can I sample the menus?

    We would be delighted to arrange a free tasting, either at our offices or at a venue near you.
  • Can you make recommendations on wine?

    Our Catering Manager will certainly assist you in your choice of wines to complement your meal. We also have 'Bin Ends' available at bargain prices!.
  • Can you provide a bar as well?

    We are fully licensed, and would be pleased to set up a bar for your guests to purchase their own drinks.
  • Do you provide crockery, cutlery and linen?

    Always included in the price.
  • Do you set up tables, clear away and wash up?

    We do and it is All included in the price.
  • Where will you do the washing up?

    We always take the washing up away and do it on our own premises.
  • Do you have any examples of how the tables will be set up?

    There are many ways to set up the tables. This might depend on the size and shape of the tabling. We will discuss this with you and suggest the most appropriate layout.
  • Can I specify exactly how the tables should be set up?

    Of course.
  • s there an additional charge for clearing away?

    All included in the price.
  • Do you provide staff?

    Our 'with service' prices include the staff.
  • What do the staff wear?

    White Shirt. Black Trousers, Waistcoat & Bow Tie. Long White Apron.
  • How many guests per server do you provide?

    Depends entirely on the menu you choose.
  • Are there any overtime costs?

    Only if the staff were asked to stay longer than originally agreed.
  • What is the cost and what exactly is included?

    The cost is shown under all the menu options. It includes waiting staff and table settings. Any supplements are marked against the menu option.
  • What is the cost per person?

    This depends on the number of people. The more people the lower the cost. Again the costs are clearly shown under the menu options.
  • s VAT included?

    "With Service" is subject to VAT. "Without Service" is zero rated in most cases, but depends on the menu.
  • How will you store the food?

    We have state of the art temperature controlled refrigerated vans.
  • Do you need an area to set up, prepare or store the food?

    Dependent on the menu you choose.
  • Do you need any fridges?

    No. We supply our own refrigeration.
  • Do you need cooking facilities? And if so, what?

    If the cooking facilities are not sufficient we can hire hot cupboards (currently £45.00 + delivery).
  • If you're providing cooking facilities, when will you clear these away?

    We take everything away with us. Hired items are usually collected by the hire company the following day or Monday if a weekend. Special arrangements can be made for hire collection if necessary.
  • How much time do you need before the meal is served?

    We usually arrive on site one and a half to three hours before the guests, depending on the Menu and number of guests.
  • What do you do with leftovers?

    Our statutory health & safety HACCPS policy states that all foodstuffs that have been removed from refrigeration for four hours must not be offered for consumption. (Copies are available on request).
  • What guarantees can you make?

    A phone call to the environmental health department or our last customer will guarantee our worth. And several generations of experience in the catering business is the best guarantee of all.
  • Do you have a contract?

    When you have decided that we are to be your Caterer of choice, we will set out our Itemised Order for you to agree and sign.
  • What is the deposit? Is it refundable?

    We require a minimum Deposit of £250 and is non-refundable
  • What are your payment terms?

    Balance is due before the date of the function. You can pay by Bankers draft, Credit Card, Debit Card, Cheque or BACS. Further Details will be supplied with your Contract
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